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   On site observation of oil sunflower machinery was held in Pingxiang County 2022/08/03
   Innovation demonstration on cotton mechanical harvesting mode 2022/08/02
   Transfer of production and management right of Jisi No. 6 forage triticale bred by the Institute of Dryland Farming 2022/06/27
   Observation meeting of late-sown wheat and shallow-buried drip irrigation technology at Ningjin County 2022/06/16
   Technical guidance and training on vegetable production management 2022/05/10
   HAAFS organized activity ‘the life of wheat’ to popularize scientific knowledge 2022/04/28
   Technical guidance for black wheat production 2022/04/12
   Fruit research experts gave technical guidance of preventing cold spell in later spring 2022/03/18
   Main technical measures were introduced at the provincial agricultural production conference 2022/03/08
   Millet quality evaluation 2021/12/23
   2021 Hebei apple evaluation and brand promotion 2021/11/24
   Online communication with Japanese expert 2021/11/23
   Online academic presentation by foreign experts 2021/11/15
   Academic communication with USA 2021/11/02
   The 13th seminar on management and development of soil fertilizer research institutes of national academies was held in Zhengding City 2021/10/29
   Professor HUANG Lili from Northwest A&F University was invited to Institute of Plant Protection for academic exchange 2021/10/26
   New grape varieties introduction 2021/10/22
   Technical service provided by institutes of HAAFS 2021/09/27
   Cooperative project “Chinese chive IPM and green control technology demonstration and service” passed the field test 2021/09/23
   HAAFS has carried out a series of scientific and technological services 2021/09/16