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   The 2020 Summary Meeting on Research Achievement Transformation and Science and Technology Service Held in Shijiazhuang 2020/12/29
   Vice President Sun Shigang Investigates the Strawberry Demonstration Base in Zhangguzhuang Village of Xinji City 2020/12/28
   The Important Roles of Some Wheat Heat Shock Transcription Factor Family Genes Are Further Confirmed 2020/12/18
   Vice President Zhang Jianjun Visits the Grape Production and Processing Demonstration Base 2020/12/16
   The Technical Solution for the Integrated Treatment of Crop Verticillium Wilt Passes Acceptance Tests 2020/12/11
   The Technical Protocols on the Control of Seed-borne Diseases of Cereal Crops Get Approved 2020/12/09
   Training on Peach High Efficient Cultivation Technology Held in Shenzhou City 2020/12/04
   Professor Kiyoshi Banno from Shinshu University Gives Presentation at HAAFS 2020/12/01
   Vice President Zhang Jianjun Presents at the 2020 Summary Meetings of Science and Technology Cooperation with Handan City and Hengshui City 2020/12/01
   The Prize Giving Ceremony of Youth Science and Technology Award and the Training on Research Project Planning and Achievement Fostering Held in Shijiazhuang 2020/11/30
   Crop Varieties from the Institute of Dryland Farming Draw Attention at Northern China Field Crop Seed Expo 2020/11/25
   Institute of Coastal Agriculture Carries on Training and Field Tour of Saline-alkali Soil Greenhouse Fruit and Vegetable Production Technologies 2020/11/25
   Head of Hebei Provincial Plant Protection Station Visits the Institute of Dryland Farming 2020/11/23
   The National Conference on Mechanization of Chinese Herb Medicine Production Held in Anguo City - the Capital of Herbs out of Thousand Years 2020/11/13
   The Institute of Genetics and Physiology Organizes a Training Meeting on Pear Industry Technology in Weixian County 2020/11/13