— Update —

   Professor Pan Feifei from the University of North Texas visits the Cotton Institute and investigates the impact of climate change on cotton production 2019/07/15
   Professor Zhang Jinfa of New Mexico State University is invited to the Institute of Cotton for academic exchange 2019/07/09
   Institute of Dryland Farming initiates cooperation with Academician Fu Tingdong of Huazhong Agricultural University 2019/07/04
   A tripartite strategic cooperation agreement is signed by Institute of Coastal Agriculture, the Management Committee of Qiu laopu Rice Modern Agriculture Park in Caofeidian District and Heibei Liangniu Agriculture Technology Co. Ltd. 2019/06/19
   The delegation from Institute of Cotton visit Australia for academic exchange 2019/05/29
   Tian Jing and Liu Changyou attend the 9th International Conference on Legume and Genomics (ICLGG) in France 2019/05/27
   Dr. Paul Harvey from Australia comes to visit Plant Protection Institute for academic exchange 2019/05/17
   A Seminar on Molecular Mechanisms of High Yield and High Quality of Wheat was held in the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops 2019/04/28
   Institute of Vegetables and Medicinal Herbs Signs Cooperation Agreement with Quzhou County 2019/03/22
   Institute of Genetics and Physiology holds report meeting of excellent expert overseas training 2019/03/01
   Institute of Cotton Signed Cooperative Agreement with Hebei Nongrun Agricultural Development Co. Ltd 2019/01/29
   Dr. Hong J. Di Visited the Institute of Agro-resources and Environment 2019/01/02
   HAAFS Joined the China-ASEAN Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Alliance 2018/09/26
   HAAFS and Forestry Bureau of Langfang Sign Cooperation Agreement 2018/05/03
   Build new model of joint agricultural production park to accelerate research achievement transformation and enterprise development 2018/03/23