— Training —

   Vice president ZHANG Jianjun went to Chengde to guide apple production in cold regions 2022/11/01
   Biocontrol technology guidance provided by experts of Institute of Plant Protection 2022/09/29
   Technical Service provided by Institute of Plant Protection 2022/07/08
   Technical guidance on prevention and control of disease and pest of fruits and vegetables and field management after hail damage 2022/06/24
   Technical training provided by soybean experts at Gaocheng Distinct 2022/06/21
   Technical guidance and training on vegetable production management 2022/05/10
   Technical guidance for black wheat production 2022/04/12
   Fruit research experts gave technical guidance of preventing cold spell in later spring 2022/03/18
   Technical guidance of fruit tree winter pruning 2022/01/24
   Grape growers visited Institute of Changli Fruit Research 2021/10/18
   Technical service provided by institutes of HAAFS 2021/09/27
   HAAFS has carried out a series of scientific and technological services 2021/09/16
   Technical guidance on disease and pest control for cotton provided by experts from Institute of Plant Protection 2021/08/31
   Technical services for farmers affected by rain and waterlogging disaster at Boye and Neiqiu 2021/08/20
   Investigation and technical services after rainstorm 2021/08/16
   Sweet potato experts provided mid-term management technical guidance for planting base 2021/07/19
   Green manure team from Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment went to Jinshahe base to give scientific and technological services 2021/04/09
   Fruit tree cultivation experts organized training and technical guidance 2021/03/10
   Training on Peach High Efficient Cultivation Technology Held in Shenzhou City 2020/12/04
   Institute of Coastal Agriculture Carries on Training and Field Tour of Saline-alkali Soil Greenhouse Fruit and Vegetable Production Technologies 2020/11/25