— Demonstration —

   On site observation of oil sunflower machinery was held in Pingxiang County 2022/08/03
   Innovation demonstration on cotton mechanical harvesting mode 2022/08/02
   Observation meeting of late-sown wheat and shallow-buried drip irrigation technology at Ningjin County 2022/06/16
   Demonstration of an integrated water supply and fertilizer suction device developed by Institute of Cash Crops 2022/03/09
   Main technical measures were introduced at the provincial agricultural production conference 2022/03/08
   Field test of cooperative project “demonstration of table grape efficient production technology in Dingzhou City” 2021/09/24
   Chestnut standardized and efficient cultivation technology demonstration base in Yan Mountain 2021/09/24
   Cooperative project “Chinese chive IPM and green control technology demonstration and service” passed the field test 2021/09/23
   Demonstration of efficient cultivation technology of facility grape 2021/08/24
   Investigation on cotton demonstration base 2021/08/12
   Scientists gave guidance in apricot demonstration base 2021/06/10
   Vice President Sun Shigang Investigates the Strawberry Demonstration Base in Zhangguzhuang Village of Xinji City 2020/12/28
   Head of Hebei Provincial Plant Protection Station Visits the Institute of Dryland Farming 2020/11/23
   Vice President Sun Shigang Inspects Ningjin Demonstration Base of the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops 2020/10/13
   Vice President Zhang Jianjun Presents at the Field Observation Meeting on High Oleic Acid Peanut 2020/10/10
   New Mung Bean Variety Jilv 19 Machine Harvesting Observation Meeting Was Held at the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops 2020/09/28
   Vice President Zhang Jianjun Attends the On-site Meeting of the High Efficient Planting Pattern ‘Oilseed Rape + Millet’ 2020/09/07
   The Institute of Millet Holds the Opening Ceremony of Pilot Trial and Demonstration Base for Research Achievements in Shandong Province 2020/08/28
   The Observation Tour of Sesame Production and the Seminar on Integration of Three Industries Were Held in Daming County 2020/08/13
   The 2020 Academic Committee Meeting of Hebei Minor Grain Crop Research Laboratory Is Held in Zhuolu County 2020/07/28