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Introduction on wheat research of Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops
Author:Zhou Yuchao   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/06/09 11:33:46   Source:International Cooperation Division

Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops has strong strength in wheat research. The experts team include Dr. ZHANG Yingjun from wheat biotechnology research office, Dr. LIU Xiaomin from weed research office, Dr. ZHANG Yelun from wheat resources office, Dr. CHEN Xiyong and Dr. LV Liangjie from wheat breeding group and Dr. ZHANG Jingting from crop cultivation group. The mission of wheat research are transgenic wheat breeding and establish of wheat molecular system, research and development of key technologies for green prevention and bio-control, herbicide efficacy and wheat safety mechanism, accurate identification of wheat germplasm resources and identification of water-saving and drought resistant germplasm, breeding of new varieties with high quality, drought resistance, water saving and high yield, interaction between high quality varieties and irrigation, wheat production situation and cultivation technical characteristics.

The institute has made remarkable achievements in wheat this year. 4700 wheat germplasm resources have been collected and some characters have been identified in the field, among them 500 resources with excellent field perfarmance have been preliminarily. 4 wheat varieties have been passed the national review, and 5 strains have participated in the national production test, which are expected to pass the review. New nitrogen efficient transgenic wheat lines with TaGS, TaNAC2 and other genes have been applied for environmental release, and the developed molecular markers have been widely used in the screening of wheat germplasm materials. The field experiment of wheat cultivation identified the high yield, high quality, high efficiency and synergistic cultivation approaches of high quality wheat and the characteristic of straw decomposition and nutrient release. Through the observation and monitoring tasks, combined with the long-term positioning test, the occurrence and development deciplines of malignant gramineous weeds in the wheat field have been clarified. The efficient and safe technology of herbicides in the wheat field has been developed to achieve the reduction of herbicides, cost saving and increase the efficiency.

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