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Technical guidance and training on vegetable production management
Author:Zhou Yuchao   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/05/10 15:23:03   Source:International Cooperation Division

To improve the level of high-end vegetable production management, Researcher FAN Fengcui, HUANG Tiezhua and LIU Shengyao went to Hebei Gaocheng Modern Agriculture Planting Base to give technical guidance and training.

The base owns 86 solar greenhouses, 10000m2 of modern glass greenhouse and 100 mu of outdoor production field. It is the modern planting base with high level vegetables production. Cucumbers and colored peppers are now in full fruit season, vegetables in outdoor are during setting period, and it is the key moment of vegetable production management. All the time the experts from Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics supply technical training and guidance to the base on vegetable production management, integration of water and fertilizer in drip irrigation under membrane, formula fertilization, high ridge cultivation and biological control of green production technology. With the guidance of management, the temperature and humidity is proper. There is almost no pests or diseases with no pesticides for two months. The vegetables are growing well. The expert team showed affirmation of fine management of vegetable production management of the base. Meanwhile, several guidances on high efficiency vegetable cultivation management technology and the automation level of greenhouse environmental control were made by the expert team. The invalid old leaves consume too much nutrients, that leads to cucumber apex growing weak and reducing taste quality. Lower blade should be get rid off in time. The colored pepper fruit setting rate is high, which leads to more malformed fruits. It needs timely fruit thining. The temperature is getting higher and higher, the temperature control is the key to color pepper production. It is recommended to install an automatic control device and automatic sunshade net. The fertilization accuracy is not high with low level of automation.

A demonstration of intelligent control technology on integration of water, fertilizer and chemicals will be conducted at the base next. Meanwhile, other new vegetable varieties and standardized production technology will be introduced. This will promote the development of vegetable industry standardization and brand.

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