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The Technical Solution for the Integrated Treatment of Crop Verticillium Wilt Passes Acceptance Tests
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/12/11 15:54:06   Source:International Cooperation Division

December 7 to 8 of 2020, the Department of Science, Technology and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized the meeting for the acceptance tests of the project ‘The Technical Solution for the Integrated Treatment of Crop Verticillium Wilt’ in Baoding City, Hebei. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Kai, director of the Science and Technology Development Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The expert panel was formed with Duan Wude, director of the former Science and Technology Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Prof. Chen Baoshan of Guangxi University, Prof. Huang Yun of Sichuan Agricultural University, Prof. Zhang Shihong of Shenyang Agricultural University, Prof. Chen Hongyan of Baoding Plant Protection and Inspection Station, Prof. Bi Zhangbao of Hebei Handan Plant Protection Station, Senior Agronomist Liu Baoyu of Bayannur Plant Protection Station of Inner Mongolia, Senior Accountant Tian Junping of the Accounting Service Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Senior Accountant Zhang Jing of Zhenghexin Accounting Firm of Baoding and Senior Accountant Lu Xiuping of Hebei University. Vice President Sun Shigang, Vice director Hou Shenglin of Research Management Division, heads of project implementing units, researchers and financial management staff of HAAFS side over 50 people attended the meeting.

The members of expert panel listened to the reports by the project chief scientist Ma Ping from the project hosting unit of the Institute of Plant Protection and by the responsible persons of the project cooperative units and reviewed the relevant records, while the experts on finance examined the project funds management. After strict inspection, all members of the expert panel affirmed that the project fully achieved its targets and the fund management also met with the regulations and they all agreed the project passes the acceptance tests.
With 5 years of implementation, this project has got breakthroughs in the aspects of verticillium wilt early warning and product and technology development. It first clarified the situation of potato verticillium wilt occurrence in China, set up the first commercial high throughput quantitative detection platform for the pathogens in soil samples, established the large sample soil pathogen detection and disease early warning system, standardized the pathogenic strain and disease resistance identification technology, developed a series of disease resistant varieties and efficient biological control products and constructed the combining green control system of disease resistant variety and microorganism regulation, having ensured the sound development of cotton, potato, eggplant and sunflower industries in China.

Key words:Institute of Plant Protection; Project