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Vice President Zhang Jianjun Presents at the 2020 Summary Meetings of Science and Technology Cooperation with Handan City and Hengshui City
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/12/01 15:33:53   Source:International Cooperation Division

November 24 to 25 of 2020, the yearly cooperation summary meetings were held in Handan City and Hengshui City, organized by the Achievement Transformation Division. Vice President Zhang Jianjun attended the meetings and make summary speeches.

Around 160 people participated in the two meetings, who were sector leaders of Handan municipal government, Hengshui municipal government and the governments of partner counties and cities, leaders of Handan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, leaders and chief experts of our projects undertaking institutes and heads of the partner agricultural enterprises. 32 teams involving in the cooperation with Handan City and Hengshui City reported their main work highlights, effects, problems encountering in the year 2020 and the work plan of next year.

Vice President Zhang Jianjun, in his final speeches, fully affirmed the working results of this year and put forward new requirements for the coming year. He hopes the expert teams will conduct cooperation around advancing supply-side structural reform in agriculture and promoting high-quality agricultural development, ensuring the high quality products by high standard production technologies and providing good services for agricultural enterprises, production bases and regional developments.

The meetings were chaired by Vice Director Zheng Xiaoliu of the Research Achievement Division, and Director Wang Guoyin made explanations about the work arrangements of the next year.

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