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The Prize Giving Ceremony of Youth Science and Technology Award and the Training on Research Project Planning and Achievement Fostering Held in Shijiazhuang
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/11/30 15:12:14   Source:International Cooperation Division

For promoting research experience exchange, increasing the percentage of hits in the application for the funding of natural science foundation and improving the standard research management, HAAFS organized the 2020 training meeting on research project planning and achievement fostering at the headquarter of the academy on November 24 and 25. President and Vice President of the academy, directors of relative departments, institute leaders in charge of research affairs and researchers representatives of the institutes altogether more than 120 people attended the meeting. President Zhang Tielong showed up and delivered a speech. Vice President Sun Shigang attended the activities from beginning to end. The meeting was chaired by the Division of Research Management.
The meeting included 3 parts: issuing the youth science and technology awards and sharing research experiences; training on the application process of national natural science foundation projects; exchanging information on research management. On the morning of November 24, the prize giving ceremony was held. After issued the awards, President Zhang Tielong delivered an important speech. He pointed out, the scientific achievement award as a motivator has a great promotion effect on stimulating innovation of scientists, improving the quality of innovation and cultivation of innovative talents. He wished the institutes would enhance management capability in the three aspects as top-level designing, summarizing and achievement managing, and create sound environments for scientists to make full play of their talents. At the same time, he wished the young scientists would devote themselves on their research and strive for more and better outputs. Then, Prof. Wang Huijun, former president of HAAFS, and 9 representatives of scientists made special reports sharing their experiences in applying for awards and funds.

The training on the afternoon of 24th was focused on how to improve the hits of applying the national natural science foundation projects. Firstly, the Division of Research Management explained the project approval situation of the academy’s basic scientific research operating expenses of 2021-2023. After that, the process and skills of applying for the national funding were explained in details by Prof. Lv Dongping of the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of CAS and Prof. Shen Jianbo of the Collage of Resources and Environment of China Agricultural University. Vice President Sun Shigang stressed in his summary that strengthening applied basic research is the need of the academy’s development in science and technology and the need of young scientists career development, the academy has issued a series of measures to push applied basic research to a higher level. He hoped that all research institutes and personnel should attach great importance to applied basic research and continuously improve the innovation ability.

On the morning of 25th, four documents about research management were discussed, and many valuable opinions were put forward by the participants, which provided the basis for improving the management measures. At the end of the meeting, Vice President Sun Shigang made a concluding speech. He restated the importance of research management and hoped each institute should make the management work practical and detailed.
This meeting greatly broadened the scientists’ knowledge in project and award application and inspired their enthusiasm of innovation. It might definitely promote our research management in some extent.

Key words:Research achievement; Fund applying; Research management