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Vice-President Sun Shigang conducts work investigation in the Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/07/16 16:53:35   Source:International Cooperation Division

On July 12, 2019, Vice-President Sun Shigang led the No.3 Steering Group to the Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree to investigate and guide the overall work of the institute.
      The group listened to the work report of the first half of the year and the planning of the second half and reached the consensus that the half year’s work was quite effective, especially the project application and the construction of characteristic demonstration base; and highly appreciated the working ideas and key tasks for the next half year and encouraged the institute to implement according to the planning.
      Then, the steering group convened a discussion meeting with experts, hosts of major projects, young scientists and directors of research groups, discussing how to strengthen laboratory construction, how to improve innovation vitality, how to enhance performance management and how to upgrade the discipline construction. The group also gave constructive comments and suggestions about the establishment and continuation of research projects and directions, enhancement of scientists’ sense of output and helping young scientists facing anxieties.

Key words:Vice-President Sun Shigang, Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree, Investigation