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Professor Ma Ping of the Plant Protection Institute attends the national conference on biological control and gives a report on the plenary session
Author:Chen Yan   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/07/16 10:57:13   Source:International Cooperation Division

From July 5-8, 2019, Prof. Ma Ping of the Plant Protection Institute attended “The First Techniques and Experience Exchange Meeting for Green Solution to Continuous Cropping Obstacles” held in Changsha, Hunan Province. This meeting, focusing on “Green Development, Quality Improving and Efficiency Enhancing”, was sponsored by the Plant Disease and Prevention Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Plant Pathology, Prof. Ma Ping chaired the opening ceremony and made the keynote report on soil detection of crop verticillium wilt and the green prevention and control of the disease, by introducing the current situation of the verticillium wilt damage on potato in China and the current control measures, and the green control strategy of the disease was discussed as well.
      More than 500 people and over 200 units of national universities, research institutes and related enterprises attended the meeting. Experts and scholars exchanged ideas on the green prevention and control of continuous cropping obstacles from the fields of plant protection, soil fertility and cultivation. Five scientific and technical personnel from the Plant Protection and Disease Prevention and Control Team of the Plant Protection Institute participated in the conference. They felt they gained a lot from the meeting. From a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective, they had a deeper and more comprehensive understanding for the ecological mechanism of the prevention and control of the continuous cropping obstacle and mastered the new technologies, new ideas and new methods for green prevention and control research around the continuous cropping obstacles. At the same time, they also had better understanding for the research and development status of microbial pesticides and microbial fertilizers as well as the new product and technology application that would have a positive effect on the future work.

Key words:Institute of Plant Protection, The national conference on biological control, Keynote report