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Vice-president Zhang Jianjun attends the review meeting of Modern Agricultural Park (Mulberry Industry) Plan for Yingzi Town of Botou City
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/06/17 15:21:18   Source:International Cooperation Division

June 8 of 2019, the People´s Government of Yingzi Town invited experts working in related field to form the review board and conducted professional review to the Modern Agricultural Park (Mulberry Industry) Plan of Yingzi Town of Botou City that was compiled by the Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics. The review meeting was chaired by Feng Wentao, the CPC Party Secretary of Yingzi Town, and participated by the Executive Deputy Mayor of Botou Municipal Government and the leaders of related bureaus of Botou. HAAFS´s Vice-president Zhang Jianjun and the Director of Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics Ma Huijie attended the meeting.
      At the review meeting, the institute made explanation to the expert panel about the Plan, and the experts in the fields of fruit industry, featured industry, mulberry industry, safety control of agricultural products, food processing, integration of agriculture and medicine and functional food carefully studied the plan and reached the consensus that the Plan was well organized with accurate conception, clear targets, concrete tasks and practical to the local development situation. Based on the above comments, the expert panel agreed to approve the Plan.
      Vice-president Zhang Jianjun made a speech in the meeting and pointed out that Yingzi Town has the special advantage in mulberry production and the Plan is of great significance. With the Plan as the medium, HAAFS and Botou City should strengthen in depth cooperation to achieve the transformation and upgrading of local agricultural industry. Wang Binglin, Executive Deputy Mayor of Botou Municipal Government, spoke highly of the Plan. He said the Plan is not only forward-looking and scientific but also practical and feasible, and its implementation will help Botou´s agriculture to realize leapfrog development and improve the local economic, social and ecological benefits. He required the attention from all related local departments and asked them to provide complete support to the implementation of the Plan to accelerate the high-quality agriculture development in Botou.

Key words:Modern agricultural park, Mulberry industry, Planning