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Industrial rearing of Trichogramma spp reared on Sitotroga eggs”, supported by several European aid projects
Author:   Approver:   Releaser:   Time:2015/09/02 11:00:00   Source:International Cooperation Division

Partner: Centre Agriculture Bioscience International (CABI) Institute of Plant protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural technology extension center, Ministry of Agriculture, DPR Korean Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Laos Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar Cooperation content: Training industrial rearing of Trichogramma spp on Sitotroga eggs for biological control of Lepidoptera pests. Cooperation results: With the founding of several EuropeAid-founded Projects, more than 80 people were trained in Hengshui. Over 40 new factories were established in DPR Korea, Laos, Myanmar and Southeast China. New facilities are used for industrial rearing of Trichogramma ostriniae, Trichogramma chilonis etc. Those beneficials are used for biological control of grain pests like corn borer and rice moth.

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