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Author:   Approver:   Releaser:   Time:2015/08/27 10:00:01   Source:International Cooperation Division

Project: Co-research and demonstration of drought-tolerant and disease-resistant maize hybrids between China and Kenya Supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology Implementing period: from November of 2014 to December of 2016 Target: Select drought tolerant and MLN (maize lethal necrotic) disease resistant maize hybrids suitable to grow in Kenya Activities: drought tolerant and MLN resistant germplasm selection and evaluation; target maize hybrid breeding; study on integrated MLN control technology; Optimizing the relevant cultivation techniques; setting up demonstration areas for the new hybrid cultivar and suitable cultivation technology demonstration; technical training to the local maize research and extension staff; training of the postgraduates. Making investigation plan with Principal Gudu and Professor Evans of Rongo University. Damage of MLN on maize production Symptom on the leaf of maize infected by MLN Symptom on the stem of maize infected by MLN Symptom on the ear of maize infected by MLN Deaths of the whole plants caused by MLN

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