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Experts of Institute of Cotton provided technical services in Weichang and Longhua County
Author:Cheng lu   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/09/19 11:29:55   Source:International Cooperation Division

The northern region of Hebei Province has a cool climate and light occurrence of insect pests, which is very suitable for the growth of oil sunflower. Moreover, oil sunflower has beautiful color, long flowering period and high ornamental value. The full-bloom period coincides with the peak summer tourism season, and combined with sightseeing agriculture, the development potential is huge. In order to achieve the experimental and demonstration effects of oil sunflower and ensure a high yield and good harvest, a delegation including researchers GENG Junyi, WANG Kaihui, LIU Suen and ZHAO Cunpeng from the Institute of Cotton of HAAFS went to the oil sunflower experimental fields and demonstration bases in Weichang County and Longhua County, Chengde City to carry out scientific and technical services and field investigations, and also made technical connection with Chengde Hengquan Oil Company, the largest oil sunflower seed processing enterprise in Chengde City.

At the experimental fields of new varieties, experts carefully investigated the character performance and disease resistance of each variety. At the demonstration base, experts explained in detail the variety characteristics, integrated pest and disease control, water and fertilizer management, mechanized harvesting and other simplified, green and efficient cultivation techniques of oil sunflower variety Jikui 3 for cooperatives and growers.

Researcher WANG Kaihui introduced that the oil sunflower has the characteristics of short growth period, salt and drought tolerance, low temperature tolerance, wide adaptability, high yield and high oil extraction rate. It is of great significance to develop oil sunflower industry to solve the problems of vegetable oil shortage and groundwater overexploitation and promote the development of arid, thin-soil land in mountain areas and saline-alkali land.

According to the market demand, production level, farming system and ecological climate conditions of Hebei Province, the Institute of Cotton has released a series of three-line hybrid varieties of oil sunflower, which have characteristics of early mature stage, disease resistance, saline-alkali tolerance, high oil content, high yield, and wide adaptability. The new high-yield variety Jikui 3, which is promoted this year, has early mature stage and strong disease resistance. The kernel/seed rate is 77.60%, the protein content is 16.40% and the oil content is 47.02%. The supporting cultivation technology has a high degree of mechanization and can save fertilizer, agricultural chemicals and labor. Since sowing, no agricultural chemicals have been sprayed in the demonstration fields. It was estimated that the seed yield would be more than 225 kg/667㎡, and the benefit will be nearly 2000 yuan/667㎡.

The blooming sunflowers on both sides of the highway added a beautiful landscape to the scenic spot and attracted a large number of tourists to stop to watch and take photos. Combining the popularization of the planting of oil sunflowers, the production of green and pollution-free oil products with the diversified development of special oil crops and oil crops of both oil extraction and ornamental value in Chengde, the integration of agriculture and tourism has been truly realized, which promotes the development of leisure and sightseeing agriculture in northern Hebei, and boosts rural revitalization.
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