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On site observation of oil sunflower machinery was held in Pingxiang County
Author:Zhou Yuchao   Approver:Zhang Meishen   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2022/08/03 17:40:48   Source:International Cooperation Division

In mid July, the on site observation and training meeting on green and efficient production technology and mechanized harvest of oil sunflower was held in a family farm in Pingxiang County. Totally 49 people from research units, agricultural administrative organizations and local farmers joined the meeting.

Researcher Wang Kaihui of the Institute of Cotton explained the characteristics and green and efficient cultivation techniques of the new oil sunflower variety Jikui No. 3. Meng Lingmian, a grower, introduced the planting mode of two crops of oil sunflower in one year, the effect of water saving, weight loss and drug reduction, and the income situation. The demonstration of mechanized harvesting of oil sunflower was carried out on site. Participants generally believed that the mechanical harvesting efficiency was relatively high, and the loss rate of falling and falling seeds was low. The mechanized harvesting technology of oil sunflower was basically mature, and it should be accelerated.

Vice president Sun Shigang of HAAFS emphasized the important role of oil sunflower yield and quality in the guarantee of edible oil in China, and fully affirmed the new varieties cultivated by the oil sunflower scientific research team of the Institute of Cotton and the effect of integrating and formulating green and efficient mechanized production technology to increase production and income. Scientific and technological personnel are required to strive to overcome the bottleneck of oil sunflower development and promote the mechanized production of oil sunflower. In particular, it is pointed out that in the future, we should further strengthen the academy and local government’s cooperation and strive to make greater contributions to the development of agricultural modernization.

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