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Academic communication with USA
Author:Zhou Yuchao   Approver:Li Meng   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2021/11/02 16:35:39   Source:International Cooperation Division

On October 27th, a video conference was held in the Institute of Cash Crops. Professor WENG Yiqun from USDA-ARS and University of Wisconsin Madison showed an academic report on “Cucumber Molecular Breeding-What, Why, How and Where We Are”. Over 20 scientific staffs from the institute attended the conference.

Professor WENG introduced systematically the technological evolution and historical process of molecular breeding, and analyzed the present situation of cucumber molecular marker-assisted breeding in detail. In the second part of the report, research results achieved by WENG’s laboratory have been expressed. At last, professor WENG gave his prospects of cucumber molecular breeding technology in the future. The report embodied a careful research thinking and rigorous scientific attitude, which will has an impact on the future work of scientific researchers. During the report, professor WENG had multifaceted communication and discussion with the institute. Staffs have questions answered and specific guidance. This academic communication will helpful for the institute to take an active part in international cooperation.

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