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Professor HUANG Lili from Northwest A&F University was invited to Institute of Plant Protection for academic exchange
Author:Cheng Lu   Approver:   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2021/10/26 15:55:16   Source:International Cooperation Division

On October 17, Professor HUANG Lili was invited to Institute of Plant Protection for academic exchange. Director MA Ping, deputy director CHEN Shulong and related experts attended the meeting.

Researcher GUO Qinggang and WU Yuxing from the Institute of Plant Protection introduced the research progress of “creation of microbial fungicide” and “pathogen biology and comprehensive control of wheat stem rot” respectively. Professor HUANG Lili put forward specific opinions and suggestions on the problems existed in the research, and emphasized that researchers should understand the production demand, find out the key problems that restrict the development of the industry, identify the correct positioning, and formulate research plans to carry out research.

Professor HUANG made an academic research entitled “research and application of efficient prevention and control technology of kiwifruit canker” to introduce the latest research progress. New control strategy for kiwi canker was carried out through systematic research on the composition of the disease pathogen, disease cycle, key pathogenic factor, disease-resistant mechanism of kiwifruit and field prevention and control of canker. Demonstrated in kiwifruit production areas, the new strategy controlled kiwi canker successfully, reduced the economic loss of farmers, and made positive contributions to local poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

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