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Technical service provided by institutes of HAAFS
Author:Cheng Lu   Approver:   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2021/09/27 16:54:59   Source:International Cooperation Division

In September, technical service were provided by institutes of HAAFS in fields of resource recovery of agricultural and animal husbandry waste, fertilization and soil improvement technology of ginger, cultivation technology of apple tree and soybean.

The deputy-director of Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment, WANG Zhanwu, led a delegation of four specialized in agricultural microbiology to give guidance to Hebei Jingan Bioenergy Technology Co., Ltd. To address the difficulty of returning biogas manure to farmland, WANG suggested the company take the planting and breeding cycle project as an opportunity to establish a new third-party service subject, incorporate biogas slurry and organic fertilizer into the scope of agricultural resources operation, which can be absorbed into the farmland in the surrounding counties, forming a "pig-manure-grain" cycle industry chain. WANG indicated that, in the actual operation process, the agricultural microbiology R&D team of the institute can provide a full set of technical support to ensure the advancement and applicability of the process, the technology and the equipment of manure conversion, and also the microbial products support.

Researcher WANG Liying from Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment went to Zhao County to trained farmers in Shijiazhuang Modern Agriculture School for high-quality and efficient fertilization and soil improvement technology of ginger. In recent years, the planting area of ginger in Shijiazhuang City has increased rapidly and the demand for high-quality and efficient fertilization technology is urgent. During the training, WANG analyzed fertilization principles through the growth and development of ginger, nutrient demand and soil nutrient supply, explained the safe application of organic fertilizer and fertigation, and provided ginger fertilization set cases. She also introduced the improvement technology of soil nutrient barrier of ginger and its commonly used conditioner by a brief description of the causes and types of continuous cropping disorder of ginger.

Researcher XU Guoliang from Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Research held on-site training at Liuxing Farm in Xingtai City. XU suggested solving the crown-closure problem in densely planted apple orchard with vigorous stock by intermediate cutting, and solving the crown-closure problem in one tree by pruning the tree into a particular shape. The technical methods for relieving symptoms of fruit rust, and the effective prevention and control strategies for fruit anthracnose and ring spot were also developed.

YANG Chunyan, the director of the soybean center of Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops, led an expert group for production investigation and scientific and technical service at soybean demonstration base in Fucheng County and Wuyi County. At Fucheng, the expert group visited the local sorghum-soybean intercropping model test and demonstration base, communicated deeply with farmers on soybean high-yield and high-efficiency cultivation technology, and gave specific guidance on planting density, disease, insect and weed control and mechanical operation. At the soybean production demonstration base in Wuyi, the expert group put forward detailed suggestions on water and fertilization management during the seed filling period of soybean. Efficient agricultural chemicals and soybean cultivation technical manuals were given as presents to the base’s demonstration households.

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