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HAAFS has carried out a series of scientific and technological services
Author:Zhou Yuchao   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2021/09/16 17:24:22   Source:International Cooperation Division

During 2021 September, several institutes of HAAFS have carried out a plenty of training and extension to the field and planting units. Institute of Shijiazhuang Fruit Tree led a delegation of experts to China-Czech Agricultural Development Co.LTD to gave technical guidance. After checking the growth condition of peach, cherry, apricot, apple and pear, the experts pointed out the existing problems and held the on-site training. WANG Yuehui conducted guidance on peach management, WANG Yongbo gave guidance on the construction of tightly planting frame and corresponding shaping technology, XU Guoliang put forward feasible suggestions on the management of water fertilizer, disease prevention and control for cherry and apple. The local company adopted the opinions and suggestions of the experts on variety selection and grafting time in the nursery.

Experts from the project “New cotton variety screening and demonstration base construction in Xinjiang” held on-site training in Xinjiang. The training mainly showed the performance of “Jimian” series varieties “Jimian 2016”, “Ji 1518” and “Jiyou 861” in Xinjiang and the demonstration and implementation effect of the project focus on increase yield. The training of cotton management technology was also carried out. “Jimian ” varieties in Xinjiang showed strong boll-setting ability, good disease resistance, early maturity and non-premature senility. Through the actual measurement of the field production, the boll weight of “Jimian 2016” is 5.3g, the density per mu is 11400 plants. In the unfavorable climate conditions, the yield is expected to break 450kg per mu. This variety is welcomed and affirmed by the local government and related enterprises.

Institute of Dryland Farming held an observation training on biological control and bumblebee pollination technology in fruit and vegetable cooperatives in Raoyang County. Experts introduced the related knowledge of bumblebee pollination biological control technology, let farmers to check the effect of bumblebee pollination on greenhouse tomatoes, and explained the method and attention. The problems came up by local farmers were explained in detail, and the advantages of biological control were expounded, which improved the farmers’ enthusiasm.

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