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The 2020 Summary Meeting on Research Achievement Transformation and Science and Technology Service Held in Shijiazhuang
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Lv Junhai   Time:2020/12/29 14:16:55   Source:International Cooperation Division

HAAFS 2020 summary meeting on research achievement transformation and science and technology service was held on December 23 at the headquarter in Shijiazhuang. About 70 people attended the meeting, including Vice President Sun Shigang, Vice President Zhang Qiang, division heads, institute directors, research management personnel and project leaders related to achievement demonstration and technology service. Besides, the institutes outside of Shijiazhuang attended the online meeting.

The meeting invited Prof. Wang Huijun, Prof. Sun Qian and Huo Futang, Chairman of Dongchang Seeds, giving presentations on how to improve service capacity. All institutes summarized their works of scientific achievement transfer and service in 2020 and reported the working outline for the coming year. At the end of the meeting, Vice President Sun Shigang made a concluding speech.

Sun Shigang pointed out, by serving Hebei’s high-quality green development of agriculture and revitalization of rural industry as the main line, by enhancing the agricultural comprehensive benefit and the market competitiveness as the goal, by taking the construction of demonstration base, the cooperation with local governments and the implementation of poverty alleviation projects as the starting point, HAAFS achieved obvious progresses and highlights in the release of new varieties and technologies, in technical training and offers of advice and suggestions to governments of various levels. At the same time, the social influence and reputation of the academy has been enhanced as well.

Sun also addressed, from this year’s work we noticed that to do the rural service well we should pay attention to three points: demand-orientation, training with field tour, close cooperation with local governments. He hoped in the coming year all the institutes and staff will keep working hard and exploring new methods to further enhance the influence of the demonstration bases and to improve the efficiency of science and technology service. He wished, with our continuous efforts HAAFS will help to give Hebei agriculture the wings of science and technology and to let farmers produce best food with best technologies.

This meeting was sponsored and organized by the Achievement Transformation Division.

Key words:Research achievement transformation; Scientific service; Yearly summary