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Institute of Genetics and Physiology Organizes 2020 (Nanning) Training Meeting on Application Technologies of New Type of Organic Fertilizer
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2020/10/28 11:25:08   Source:International Cooperation Division

On October 22, the 2020 Training Meeting on Application Technologies of New Type of Organic Fertilizer and Jiuhongtuhe Biological Organic Fertilizer Test and Demonstration On-spot Meeting was held in Nanning City, Guangxi Province. This meeting was sponsored by the Farmland Quality Monitoring and Protection Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Jointly organized by the Institute of Genetics and Physiology of HAAFS and Hebei Sannong Agricultural Chemicals Co. Ltd. Deputy Director-general Li Rong and Division Director Li Jianbing of the Farmland Quality Monitoring and Protection Center, Vice Director Wang Zhanwu of the Institute of Genetics and Physiology, President Liu Shuyan of Sangnong Company and 70 representatives engaging in fertilizer and agricultural technology extension, science and technology and enterprises of 11 provinces and municipal cities participated in the meeting. On invitation, Prof. Wang Zhanwu gave a keynote report on bioremediation and practice on degraded soils, systematically introducing the current status and causes of soil degradation in greenhouse vegetables and fruit orchards and the research progresses on bioremediation with soil probiotics, especially the development, mechanism and application of the multifunctional rhizosphere streptomyces S506 bio-fertilizer. He also answered the questions on the representatives’ concern.

Meanwhile, the meeting organized special session for reporting and exchanging information on the test and demonstration of Jiuhongtuhe bio-fertilizer. This bio-fertilizer is developed by the Institute of Genetics and Physiology and Sannong Company is responsible for the achievement transformation. Up to now, the company has completed the application tests and demonstrations on 9 characteristic farm products nationwide, including Daxing watermelon in Beijing, greenhouse vegetables in Hebei, Anqiu ginger in Shandong, etc. The representatives of 8 provinces and municipal cities undertaking the test and demonstration tasks reported their results on the meeting. The participants also visited the plantations of dragon fruit and citrus in Natong Township of Long’an County, Nanning, looking at the application effects. The available results indicate, comparing with other products of its kind on market, Jiuhongtuhe bio-fertilizer has significant effects in improving growth of monoculture field crops and old orchard fruit trees, promoting root growth, preventing from diseases and improving product quality, which has given deep impressions to the participants.

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