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Vice-president Sun Shigang attends the seminar of "Alliance for Synergy and Innovation in Water Conservation of Agriculture in North China"
Author:Dang Hongkai   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/06/05 15:10:53   Source:International Cooperation Division

On May 28 of 2019, Vice-president Sun Shigang attended the seminar of "Alliance for Synergy and Innovation in Water Conservation of Agriculture in North China", co-organized by Dryland Farming Institute of Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences(HAAFS)and Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS), and made a welcome speech. More than 60 researchers and relevant leaders from the Bureau of Science and Technology of CAAS, Farmland Irrigation Research Institute of CAAS, and the Agricultural and Rural Department of Hebei Province participated in the event.
      The meeting organized a field tour to the wheat water-saving technology demo base. At the base of Zhiqing Professional Planting Cooperative of Jinxian County of Hengshui City, Deputy Director Likejiang of Dryland Farming Institute introduced the overall situation of the demo base. The other researchers having experiment in the base introduced the experimental and demonstration layout on wheat and corn water-fertilizer saving technique, the irrigation model, and the progress of the research on the identification of water-saving varieties. Researchers from CAAS introduced the demonstration of the distribution of wheat varieties in arid areas in the North China.
      At the seminar, Vice-president Sun indicated that Hebei province is a large agricultural province, especially vegetable production ranks second in the country. Hebei has made outstanding contributions to ensuring food and vegetable security in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and at the same time, it has also paid price for environmental problem as groundwater has been overdrawn for years which brought great dangers to regional ecological security and sustainable agricultural development. Since the implementation of groundwater overdrawn reducing scheme, the state has been attaching importance to ecological safety, experts have been emphasizing the efficiency of technology, and farmers have been firstly caring about benefits. Actually, in the green sustainable production process, how to coordinate the interests of all parties and establish long-term ecological construction compensation mechanisms is the key to ensure the development of water-saving synergy.

Key words:Institute of Dryland Farming, Water-saving synergy, Seminar