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Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics
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The Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics (IAIE) was established in 2003 as a provincial non-profit research institution, based on the Institute of Science and Technology Information founded in 1986. The Institute has a staff of 35, including 18 scientists with senior research title, 7 young researchers with master degree, and 1 PhD candidate. IAIE is mainly engaged in strategic research and technical service in scientific information, agricultural economics, rural development, agricultural science and technology, and agriculture information technology. In 1995, it was designated as first batch of information retrieval institutes.
Under the Institute, there are eight departments, namely department of modern agriculture, department of agriculture and rural development, department of agricultural information, center of agriculture scientific literature, internet center, Editorial Office of Acta Agriculturae Boreali Sinica, Editorial Office of Hebei Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Editorial Office of Hebei Agricultural Science and Technology. Hebei Tianfeng Agriculture Technology Co. Ltd is affiliated to the Institute.
Over the years, the Institute has obtained 30 research achievement awards of provincial, ministerial and national level, and has registered 5 patents.
There are five research areas in the institute including macro-agriculture economics, digital agriculture, agriculture resources economics, agriculture technical economics, and agriculture technical service.

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