New grape cultivars ‘Guang’ series and greenhouse grape accelerating culture technology
Author:Zhou Yuchao   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2021/06/17 11:21:06   Source:International Cooperation Division

Grape is a characteristic and advantageous industry in Hebei Province. The new grape cultivars of 'Guang’ series bred by Institute of Changli Fruit Tree, with a promotion area of more than 1300 hectares, is highly recognized by market, and the planting area is rapidly expanding. They have become important varieties for the upgrading of grapes. The breeding of this series of cultivars has a positive role in promoting the structural adjustment of the grape industry in Hebie Province and the improvement of quality and efficiency in grape production.

The new grape cultivars of 'Guang’ series have outstanding characteristics such as early maturity, large berry, high quality, high yield and disease resistance. The harvest time is between late July and early August in Changli County, Heibei Province; the soluble solid content is up to 25%; grapes can be completely colored in low light condition; the yield can be more than 18750 kg/ha in the second year of planting; the 'Guang’ series can be harvested twice a year with an advantage of hormone treatment free throughout the growth and development period.

The selection and breeding of 'Guang’ series grape cultivars created new grape germplasm resources and the technology to shorten the grape breeding cycle was invented. Four new plant variety rights and four varieties of registration were granted by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, and one new grape cultivar registration was approved by Hebei Province during the 13th Five-Year Plan.

The ‘integrated technology of greenhouse grape accelerating culture and efficient culture’, revealed bud dormancy mechanism and overcame the technical bottleneck of dormancy breaking. By using this integrated technology, the labor cost can be reduced by 5%-10% and the rate of producing high quality fruit can be increased by more than 3%. The technology has strong compatibility with the ‘Guang’ series grapes cultivars.

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