Research Progress of Biology in Coix lacryma- jobi

LIU Guo-qing,LI Wei,LI Hai-quan,ZHANG Jia-nan,XIANG Jin-ying,HAN Yu-cui,GENG Ling-ling,HOU Sheng-lin

(Institute of Millet Crops of Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,National Foxtail Millet Improvement Center,Minor Cereal Crops Laboratory of Hebei Province,Shijiazhuang 050035,China)

Abstract:Coix lacryma-jobi  Linn.has a long cultivation history as a minor crop in China,however many problems like unclear origin,chaos of varieties,loss and inaccurate use of germplasm resources exist in its research and production because we lack systematic study.In recent years, the importance of coix has been realized after the extract of Coix lacryma-jobi  Linn.can help treat and prevent cancer.A superb opportunity has arisen with the rapid development of biotechnology especially the deep-sequencing technique.Thus we presented here the current status of origin and evolution,classification,cytology and molecular biology progress of coix,analyzed the ploidy of coix and the phylogenetic relationship with zea mays,sorghum and so on from cytology aspect,then based on the molecular biology,analyzed the important significance of DNA molecular marker,genetic mapping and gene library in the research of identification of the species phylogenetic relationship and genetic breeding,which could provide useful informations for further coix research. Key words:Coix;Classification;Cytology;Molecular biology;Research progress




Effects of Pb Stress on Seed Germination and Seedlings Growth of Wheat

ZHANG Ya-li,WANG Lin-sheng*

(School of Agronomy,He’nan University of Science and Technology,Luoyang 471003,China)

Abstract:The effects of different concentrations of lead stress on seed germination and seedlings growth of wheat were studied using wheat variety Dekang 961 as test material,it conducted 7 Pb concentrations(5,50,200, 300,400,500 and 600 mg/L),and with water as a control.The results showed that seed germination rate and vigor index,seedlings germinal length and root length of wheat under Pb concentration of 5 and 50 mg/L were all higher than that of CK.When Pb stress concentration was more than or equal to 200 mg/L,it could inhibit the seed germination and seedling bud and root growth,of which the inhibitory effect of Pb on root of wheat seedlings was greater than that on bud.Wheat seedling germination potential and germination index were more than that of CK if the concentration of Pb was less than or equal to 400 mg/L,thereby the uniformity of seed germination was increased. The fresh weight and dry weight of seedlings of wheat under the concentration of 5 mg/L were all higher than that of CK,and the nutrient uptake and dry matter accumulation in wheat seedling were inhibited when the concentration of Pb was greater than or equal to 50 mg/L.The coleoptile length of wheat treated with Pb were less than or equal to CK. With the increase of Pb stress concentration,the inhibition effect of Pb on seed germination and seedling growth of wheat was enhanced.

Key words:Pb;Wheat;Seed germination;Seedlings growth



Selection of Suitable Planting Density for High Yield of Hengdan 6272 in Summer Maize Planting Area of Central South of Hebei Province

BU Jun-zhou,YUE Hai-wang,CHEN Shu-ping,PENG Hai-cheng,XIE Jun-liang

(Dryland Farming Institute,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Hengshui 053000,China)

Abstract:In order to ascertain the suitable planting density and the density tolerance of summer maize varieties Hengdan 6272 in summer maize growing area of middle and south of Hebei Province,5 planting densities(60 000, 67 500,75 000,82 500 and 90 000 plants/hm2)was desighed in the row spacing of 0. 6 m to study the changes of economic traits and yield of maize under different planting densities.The results showed that with the increase of planting density,the yield of Hengdan 6272 increased at first and then decreased,and the yield difference between different density treatments reached a significant level,the planting density of 67 500 plants/hm2 had the highest yield(9 419.81 kg/hm2),and the yield under planting density of 75 000 kg/hm2 was followed(9 347.97 kg/hm2),the difference between them was not significant.The maize barreness was 0 when the planting density was less than or equal to 67 500 plants/hm2,and above it which was gradually increased with the increase of planting density.The bald tip length was gradually increased,panicle length shortened,grain weight gradually decreased,the changes of ear row number and grain number per row was not obvious with the increase of planting density,when the planting density was 67 500 plants/hm2 ear row number and grain number per row were maximum.The suitable planting density of Hengdan 6272 was 67 500 plants/hm2,under the condition the yield was the highest,the percentage of empty stalk of the plant was low,the spike bald tip was short,and the economic characters was higher.

Key words:Hengdan 6272;Summer maize;Planting density;Yield



Effects of Planting Density on Seed Yield of Three Line Hybrid Cotton

ZHANG Yu-juan, HAN Qiu-cheng,REN Ai-min*,MA Wei-jun,YIN Guo,CUI Ming-hui

(Handan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Handan 056001,China)

Abstract:The suitable planting density of female parent is a necessary condition for hybrid seed production yield of three line,in order to make clear the optimum planting density of female parent for obtaining high yield of three line hybrid seed production.Taking transgenic Bt  three line hybrid cotton Hanza 301 female Han 750A as test material, the effects of different planting densities(22 500,37 500,45 000,52 500 and 67 500 plants/hm2)on cotton leaf photosynthetic rate,hybrid seed production yield and yield traits were studied.The results showed that the suitable planting density of female for high yield of three line hybrid cotton were 37 500 -45 000 plants/hm2,under the density,the cotton with high leaf photosynthetic rate[19.3-19.6 mmol/(m2·s)],the boll number per plant(22.5-23.1),the number of fruit branch per plant(13.0-13.2),single boll weight(5.1-5.2 g)were all higher,and the seed yield reached 3 922.5-4 027.5 kg/hm2.

Key words:Planting density;Three line hybrid seed;Yield




Effects of Sowing Date and Density on Agronomic Characters and Yield of Early-maturing Cotton Line Han 901

LU Zheng-ying,HAN Yong-liang,LI Shi-yun*,YIN Guo,YANG Yu-feng,CUI Hong-yin

(Handan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Handan 056001,China)

Abstract:Using early-maturing cotton line Han 901 as material,agronomic characters and yield were studied under different sowing dates (May 5,May 10,May 15) and densities(7.5×104,9.0×104,10.5×104 plants/hm2)by non-covering mulch in late spring sowing time.The results indicated that cotton branch and bell number under early sowing and low planting density were more than the other treatments,and under the sowing date and density of May 15 and 7.5×104 plants/hm2 they reached the highest.The total number of the bell and yield of pre-frost seed cotton and seed cotton reached maximum in the treatment of sowing date and density May 5 and 9.0×104 plants/hm2. The yield of seed cotton and lint cotton had no significantly decreased by delaying sowing date and increasing density to 10.5×104 plants/hm2.Sowing date and planting density had little impact on boll weight and lint.Thus,a new cropping patterns was proposed in Huang-Huai Region,planting early maturing cotton varieties by appropriately increasing planting density in late spring sowing time.The planting patterns can make cotton wadding stages to avoid the rainy season,reduce bad bell,obtain larger yield,save manpower and investment,increase cotton net benefits.

Key words:Sowing date;Density;Early-maturing cotton;Yield



Advances in Research on Flower Bud Morphological Differentiation of Cherry

CHEN Long,CHENG He-he,LI Yu-sheng,WU Ya-qin,WU Yong-jie,ZHAO Yan-hua*,Cui Li-xian

(Changli Institute of Pomology,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Changli 066600,China)

Abstract:Flower bud differentiation is the important stage from vegetative growth to reproductive growth of cherry plant,it importantly affects the yield and quality of cherry.Research methods of flower bud morphological differentiation,differentiation process,factors and control measures were reviewed.The problems in cherry research on flower bud differentiation were discussed and the future research direction was prospected.

Key words:Cherry;Flower bud morphological differentiation;Factors;Promoting bud formation measures





The Main Cultivation Mode of Strawberry in Sightseeing Agricultural Park and the Nutrient Solution Formulated

CHEN Zhi1,CHEN Sheng-ping1,CHEN Hui2

(1.Tangshan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Tangshan 063001,China;2.Xingtang County Agriculture Bureau,Xingtang 050600,China)

Abstract:The report introduced strawberry main cultivation mode and cultivation techniques in sightseeing agricultural park,and selected the optimum nutrient solution for strawberry soilless culture,then summarized the compounding points of nutrient solution.

Key words:Sightseeing agricultural park;Strawberry;Cultivation mode;Nutrient solution




Cultivation Technique Regulations of Asparagus on Coastal Saline -alkali Soil

DAI Peng1,ZHANG Xue-song2,DAI Su-ying1,CAO Yan-po1*

(1.Institute of Cash Crops,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Shijiazhuang 050051,China; 2.Cangzhou Technical College,Cangzhou 061001,China)

Abstract:To standardize asparagus seedling production on coastal saline-alkali soil,the cultivation technique regulations were put forward according to the national and industry standards and combining with the production current situation,including saline land improvement,seedling-raising technique,field management and pest control,which had great practical guiding significances for the production of asparagus on coastal saline-alkali soil in Hebei Province.

Key words:Hebei Province;Asparagus;Saline-alkali soil;Cultivation technique regulations




Effects of Nitrogen Application on Yield and Quality of Dual -purpose Maize

FENG Shang-zong1,LIU Ning2,HUANG Xiao-xin3,LOU Hua-min4,PENG Mei-xiang4,WANG Shi-wei1,ZHAO Gui-tao1

(1.Linyi City Agricultural Technology Extension Station of Shandong Province,Linyi 276004,China;2.Shandong Tiantai Seed-Breeding Co.,Ltd.,Pingyi 273300,China;3.Soil and Fertilizer Station of Pingyi County,Pingyi 273300,China;4.Linyi City Seed Administration Station,Linyi 276004,China)

Abstract:Selecting TT 33 as test material,the study was conducted with five nitrogen application ways on different nitrogen application ratios of three nitrogen application stages of jointing stage(7 leaves show),tasselling stage(12 leaves show),grain filling stage under the total amount of nitrogen application of 360 kg/hm2.Five treatments was conducted with nitrogen application ratio of 3:7:0,4:6:0,5:5:0,4:5:1 and 3:6:1 in the jointing stage, tasselling stage,grain filling stage,compared with not applying nitrogen fertilizer in the whole stages of maize. The study researched the effects of different nitrogen application ways on dual-purpose maize about population fresh matter and dry matter accumulation,yield and quality.The results showed that moderate increasing grain filling fertilizer,reasonably adjusting the jointing fertilizer,ear fertilizer combining with grain filling fertilizer, contribute to constructing more rational population structure,improving population quality significantly,delaying leaf senescence,producing more fresh matter and dry matter,increasing biomass yield,grain yield and nutrient contents.Under the total amount of nitrogen application of 360 kg/hm2,the nitrogen application ratio of 3:6:1 or 4:5:1 in the jointing stage,tasselling stage,grain filling stage were the optimal nitrogen application ways of dual-purpose maize.

Key words:Dual-purpose maize;Nitrogen application; Fresh matter;Dry matter accumulation;Yield;Quality




Soil Fertility Condition and Promotion Countermeasure of Cultivated Land in Handan City

DU Hua-ting1,GU Hong-rui1,HE Guo-qing 2, DING Hong-mei1

(1.Soil and Fertilizer Station of Agriculture Bureau in Handan City,Handan 056002,China;2.Information Centre of Agriculture Bureau in Handan City,Handan 056002,China)

Abstract:Soil testing and fertilizer recommendation was carried out in Handan City since 2005. Plenty of soil samples were measured and analyzed in the process of soil testing.The project could reflect soil fertility condition and provide suggestion and countermeasure for fertilizer improvement of the cultivated land in Handan City.

Key words:Handan City;Soil fertilizer;Promotion countermeasure




Effects of Seed Dressing with Youban Suspension Seed Coating Agent on Controlling Efficacy for Wheat Aphid and Growing Development of Wheat

LU Zi-yun1,LI Jian-cheng1,LIU Wen-xu1,RAN Hong-fan1,MA Ai-hong1,YANG Gang2,QU Zhen-gang1*

(1.Institute of Plant Protection,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,IPM Center of Hebei Province,Key Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management on Crops in Northern Region of North China,Ministry of Agriculture,Baoding 071000,China;2.Jiangsu Rotam Chemical Co.,Ltd.,Kunshan 215300,China)

Abstract:The wheat seed was dressing with Youban suspension seed coating agent before sowed, and the dosages were 1.2 g/kg,2.4 g/kg and 3.6 g/kg,respectively,the CK was not seed dressing. The effects of seed dressing with different dosages of Youban suspension seed coating agent on controlling efficacy for wheat aphid and growing development of wheat were researched.The results showed that the seed dressing with different dosages of Youban could postpone the emergence time of wheat,but it had no effects on seedling rate,the number of tillers per plant, plant height,and fresh weight per plant of wheat,the production of treatments was 16.65%-24.76% more than that of CK,the controlling effects of seed dressing with different dosages of Youban for wheat aphid were all above 90%.Comprehensine consideration of the cost of drug use,the controlling effect of seed coating agent for wheat aphid and the yield of wheat,it considered that the suitable dosge of seed coating agent for wheat was 2.4 g/kg. Key words:Youban suspension seed coating agent;Seed dressing with medicament;Wheat aphid;Controlling

effect;Growing development




Occurrence Regularity and Control Measures of Plant Diseases and Insect Pests of Spring-sown Sesame in Chengde Area

SANG Li-min1,GUO Yuan-zhang2,XU Gui-zhen2 *,ZHANG Xue-min1,Ren Zi-zhong1,ZHANG Ling1,Xu Jing2,LIN Guo-zhi3,LIU Cui-zhen3

(1.Chengde Institute of Agricultural Sciences,Chengde 067000,China;2.Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops, Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Shijiazhuang 050035,China;3.Hebei Tourism Vocational College,Chengde 067000,China)

Abstract:The main planting area and planted varieties of spring-sown sesame in Chengde area were summarized, the main types and occurrence regularity of diseases and insect pests in spring-sown sesame were investigated and analyzed. The results showed that the occurrence of diseases and insect pests was heavier in early and late stages, and there was little disease in middle stage of sesame. The sesame was damaged with underground pests such as grubs,wireworms,cutworm in sowing stage and in seedling stage it was destroyed by epicauta,the occurrence of diseases of leaf blight,leaf spot,brown spot and blight were serious in late stage. Then according to the occurrence regularity of diseases and pests,the control measures such as selection of resistant varieties,establishment of efficient cultivation pattern,chemical control were proposed.

Key words:Chengde;Spring-sown sesame;Plant diseases and insect pests;Occurrence regularity;Control measures




Occurrence and Control of Soybean Seedborne Diseases in Hebei Province

ZHAO Xuan,JIN Su-juan,LI Zhan-jun,NIU Ning,WANG Yu-ling*

(Shijiazhuang Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Shijiazhuang 050041,China)

Abstract:Soybean as the important crops of our country,is the main source of protein and oil. In the more than 30 kinds of diseases in soybean,60% were bacterial carrying by seeds as the primary infection sources.This article summarized the main types of seedborne disease and the existent characteristicses of its pathogen of Hebei soybean, expounded the occurrence of symptoms and harm of the main diseases,and proposed main control measures,for the purpose of understanding the types of soybean seedborne diseases and take corresponding measures timely,which provides technique guarantee for improving the yield of soybean.

Key words:Soybean;Seedborne diseases;Pathongens;Hazard;Control measures




Control Effect and Safety of 18% Glufosinate AS against Weeds in Citrus Orchards

ZHAO Xiao-cui,QIAO Li-dong,DONG Bao-ku,JIA Zhen-mei

(Tianjin City Huayu Agrochemical Co.,Ltd.,Tianjin 300385,China)

Abstract:The weeds in citrus orchards seriously affect the yield and quality of citrus.4 active ingredient dosage of 18% glufosinate AS was designed which including 750,900,1 050,1 800 g/hm2,and sprayed active ingredient dosage of 1 687.5 g/hm2 30% glyphosate AS and manual weeding were used as control treatments,sprayed water as the blank control,the control effects and safety of sprayed 18% glufosinate AS on controlling weeds in citrus orchards were studied.The results showed that 18% glufosinate AS could effectively control most of weeds in citrus orchards, the duration period was up to 30 d,within 30 d of the experimental period,there were no significant adverse effects on the environment and non target organisms.The amount of active ingredient of 750 g/hm2 glufosinate agent had the same effect with glyphosate conventional dosage.The amount of active ingredient of 900-1 050 g/hm2 glufosinate agent could effectively control the weeds in citrus orchards and meet the requirements in practice.

Key words:Glufosinate AS;Efficacy test;Control effect;Safety




Biological Characteristics and Control Measures of Cydia pomonella(Linnaeus)

SUO Xiang-min,WANG Xian-ge,HAO Jie,LIU Tie-zheng,BAI Rui-xia,LI Xue-ying*,FENG Jian-zhong,YAN Xin-min

(Shijiazhuang Institute of Pomology,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Shijiazhuang 050061, China)

Abstract:Cydia pomonella(Linnaeus) is a fruit decay pests attacking apples,pears and other fruits,and it is an important quarantine pests in China.In recent years,the momentum of the eastward aggression of the insect in our country was more and more serious,the harm degree was deepening.Cydia pomonella(Linnaeus) once passed to Hebei Province,certainly will bring the significant influence of fruit production in Hebei Province.The damage characteristics,morphological characteristics and life habit of Cydia pomonella(Linnaeus) were introduced,and the control measures were suggested,in order to provide technical support for promoting the healthy development of the advantages of fruits such as apples,pears in Hebei Province.

Key words:Cydia pomonella(Linnaeus);Decay fruit pests;Biological characteristics;Damage;Control measures




Influence of Mannitol Pretreatment on the Induction of Anther Callus in Ziziphus jujube

WU Xiao-hong 1,LIU Meng-jun2*,ZHAO Xi-ping1

(1.Shijiazhuang Pomology Institute,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Shijiazhuang 050061, China;2.Agricultural University of Hebei,Baoding 071001,China)

Abstract:The effects of pretreatment concentrations(0.1,0.3 and 0.5 mol/L)and times(2,3 and 5 d)with mannitol on anther browning and callus induction rate of Ziziphus jujube Zanhuangdazao and Fupingdazao were studied.The results showed that the induction of anther callus of tested varieties could be obviously promoted with mannitol pretreatment.The browning rate was lower and the induction rate of anther callus was highest after treatment 2-3 d under the same pretreatment concentrations of mannitol.The effect of mannitol pretreatment on the induction of anther callus experienced differences with different genotypes,the induction rate of anther callus of Ziziphus jujube Fupingdazao was higher than that of Ziziphus jujube Zanhuangdazao.

Key words:Ziziphus jujube;Anther culture;Mannitol pretreatment;Callus induction




Development of Eretmocerus sp. under Natural Temperature Conditions

FANG Mei-juan,HE Xiao-qing,LIU Dong,WANG Yu-bo*

(Dryland Farming Institute,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Hengshui 053000,China)

Abstract:To clarify the effect of natural conditions on the biology of Eretmocerus  sp.,development situation were studied under natural conditions outside.Development duration,parasitic rates and emergence rates of Eretmocerus sp.on Bemisia tabaci reared on cotton were studied under natural conditions from early June to mid-October.The results showed that in the period range from early June to mid-October,the temperature in late July was higher than other periods,in this time daily average maximum temperature was 33.69 ℃,and the minimum temperature was 23.88 ℃ in the night,in this period the development duration of Eretmocerus  sp. was the shortest which was 13.72 days,parasitic rates and emergence rates were higher than other periods which were 34.86% and 95.74%, respectively.However,the temperature was the lowest in early October,the daily average maximum temperature was 22.67 ℃,and the minimum temperature was 11.67 ℃,the development duration was longest which was 24.90 days,parasitic rates and emergence rates were 19.70% and 79.99%.From early June to mid-October,with the increased of temperature,the developmental duration of Eretmocerus  sp. decreased significantly,parasitic rates and emergence rates increased,in contrast,with the decreased of temperature,the developmental duration, parasitic rates and emergence rates were the opposite.

Key words:Eretmocerus  sp.;Natural temperature;Developmental duration;Parasitic rates;Emergence rates




A Simple and Effective Kanamycin Screening Method of Transgenic Wheat Progeny

DONG Fu-shuang,ZHANG Li-hua,LV Meng-yu

(Institue of Genetic and Physiology of Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Plant Genetic Transformation Center of Hebei Province,Shijiazhuang 050051,China)

Abstract:Kanamycin screening of transgenic wheat progeny was conducted by the method of seed-immersion, and the amount of kanamycin absorbed during imbibition stage of seeds determined the screening results,while the seed quality directly affected the kanamycin absorption.In order to omit the adjustment of kanamycin dosage before screening,in view of the different wheat genetic backgrounds,we focused on the seed quality that directly associated with variable factors,and seeked a simple and effective kanamycin screening method,at the same time,the method was verfied through dectection of transgenic wheat progeny.The results showed that different genetic backgrounds of wheat were effectively screening according per gram of seed immersed in 6 mL solution with 150 mg/L kanamycin.

Key words:Kanamycin;Wheat;Transgene;Resistance selection




Research Progress on Tissue Culture and Rapid Propagation of Camptotheca acuminate Decne.

ZHANG Yan-bo1,ZHANG Xiao- jie2,XIAO Lei1,ZHANG Xi – tai1

(1.Handan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Handan 056001,China;2.Forestry Bureau of Handan City, Handan 056002,China)

Abstract:Camptotheca acuminata is not only green trees,but also medicinal plant with anti -cancer effects.The selection method of different explants in tissue culture and the culture conditions such as the treatment of explant, selection of hormone and culture medium and additives added were summarized,the optimal culture condition for induction of buds and roots growth in subculture and regeneration culture and hardening off seedlings were analyzed, then the development prospects in future were discussed.

Key words:Camptotheca acuminata Decne.;Tissue culture;Rapid propagation technology;Research progress





Correlation Analysis Among Morphological Characters and Breeding Traits in Upland Cotton

LIU Cun-jing1,JIANG Zhen-xing2,SHI Shu-xin1,ZHANG Jian-hong1,TANG Li-yuan1,TIAN Hai-yan1,CUI Rui-min1,ZHANG Su-jun1,ZHANG Xiang-yun1*

(1.Institute of Cotton,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Key Laboratory of Biology and Genetic Improvement of Cotton in Huanghuaihai Semiarid Area,Ministry of Agriculture, Shijiazhuang 050051,China ; 2.Institute of Cash Crops,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Shijiazhuang 050051,China)

Abstract:In order to improve the upland cotton breeding efficiency,24 transgenic Bt  gene varieties(lines)with diverse boll shape and size were utilized test materials,and 24 characters values of cotyledons,bolls,agronomic, disease resistance,fiber quality,yield,maturity traits from 24 upland cotton varieties(strains)were measured, and the variation values among the different varieties(lines)were analyzed.The results indicated that the different values of cotyledons,bolls and plant height attained very significant level,and disease resistance,maturity, lint yield,boll weight and lint percent attained very significant level too.The bolls per plant attained significant level,but fiber quality did not attain significant level.Utilized SPSS software,the correlations among morphological characters and breeding traits were analyzed.The results showed that the plant height had significant correlation with yield among the 9 morphological traits,and the cotyledon length and width,boll length and width,pedicel length and the plant height were significantly correlated with the relevant yield traits. The boll length,branch number per plant,height were significantly related with wilt,and the height had significant correlation with verticillium wilt.The cotyledon length and width,boll width,pedicel length and the plant height were significantly relatedwith the maturity traits,and boll length,pedicel length and the plant height were significantly correlated with main fiber quality traits.Morphological traits was related to breeding traits in upland cotton,it is possible and effective to indirectly select main breeding traits of upland cotton using morphological characters in the field.

Key words:Upland cotton;Morphological characters;Breeding traits;Correlation




Foundation Seed Screening and Purification of CCRI 49

WANG Ning,YANG Jie,SU Gui-lan,HUANG Qun,XU Qing-hua,ZHOU Hong,YAN Gen-tu*

(Institute of Cotton Research of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology, Anyang 455000,China)

Abstract:The technology here elaborated could stabilize and purify CCRI49 easily,which was derived from the cross CRI35×CRI51504,containing the genetic material of wild cotton and island cotton,and whose stigma standing higher than the stamen.We identified the purity and purified by self-crossing of lines in the area of 20 acres in the three consecutive years from 2001 to 2003,7 lines were selected to compared with the control CCRI49 and CCRI49-6 was considered to be the accredited because of its high yield potential,excellent stability and conformity, fiber quality and high disease resistance.We identified the resistance of Kanamycin in the seedling stage,evaluated the phenotype and self-crossed in the growing stage since then,and added molecular marker detection before flowering from 2009.The ratio of homozygous DNA locus ratio was 100% in the standard reference materials,and 95.8% in the commercial seeds,being one of high purity varieties in our country.

Key words:Cotton;Large group inbred;Basic germplasm screening;Molecular marker detection



Analysis on Heterosis Model Selection of Summer Corn in South Hebei Province Based on Yields Variety Between Zhengdan 958 and Xianyu 335

JIAO Hong-ye,ZHANG Jiu-ying2*,SUN Hai-kun1,SHI Ming-shan1,WANG Lei1,SHI Li-li1,CHEN Jie1

(1.Handan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Handan 056001,China;2. Yongnian County Burean of Ayiulture and Aninmal Husbandry,Yongnian 057150,China)

Abstract:In order to explore how to improve the yield of maize,and to improve the hybrid model of summer maize in the middle and south of Hebei Province,based on the yield changes of Zhengdan 958 and Xianyu 335 in recent years,2 heterosis model were studied.The results showed that yields of Zhengdan 958 was higher than that of Xianyu 335 during most of common years.Meanwhile,yields of Xianyu 335 was very obviously higher than that of Zhengdan 958 during rarely high yields level years.The yields of Zhengdan 958 and Xianyu 335 had little correlation with ear row number,and they all had greater correlation with grain number per row and 1 000 grain weight.Based on these, there were improved space for two main model.To refine Zhengdan 958 model by increase its yields potential was a more important breeding way in middle and south of Hebei Province.

Key words:Zhengdan 958;Xianyu 335;Heterosis;Model selection



Screening of Cowpea Germplasm Resources with Resistance to Aphids

SUN Juan,GENG Li-ge*,WANG Li-na,ZHU Yun-ying,GUAN Zhong-bo

(Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops of Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Crop Genetics and Breeding Laboratory of Hebei Province,Agricultural Biological Resources Conservation Center of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang 050031,China)

Abstract:Aphid is one of the major pests for cowpeas.Aphid resistance of 110 cowpea germplasm resources collected at home and abroad were identified by two evaluation strategies of investigation of the relative index of damage to cowpea by aphids at planting time in the field and aphids development stages of life sytle in different cowpea materials at non planting time in the greenhouse.The results indicated that the cowpea germplasm resources with high resistance,resistance and medium resistance to aphid could be identified by two evaluation methods,and the results were consistent.There were 2 germplasms with high resistance,2 with resistance among 110 cowpea germplasm resources,1 with medium resistance.The 2 copies of high aphid-resistant cowpea germplasm identified from this study can be released for innovation and breeding directly.

Key words:Cowpea;Germplasm resources;Aphid resistance;Identification;Screen



Breeding of High Quality Hulled Oat Variety Mingcui for Processing

ZUO Wen-bo1,CAO Li-xia2,WU Yong-zhen1,LI Yun-xia1,GE Jun-yong1,TIAN Chang-ye1,DONG Zhan-hong1

(1.High Latitude Area Crops Institute of Hebei Province,Zhangjiakou 075000,China;2.Zhangjiakou Academy

of Agricultural Sciences,Zhangjiakou 075000,China)

Abstract:Mingcui was introduced from abroad,tested and evaluated by High Latitude Area Crops Institute of Hebei Province,it is a new hulled oat variety with high and stable yield,strong disease resistance,high drought resistance,strong barren-tolerance,and suitable for the dry sloping fields and the dry sand fields which potential productivity can reach 3 750– 4 500 kg/hm2. The variety was identified as a new cultivar by Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Service Center of Hebei Province in September of 2013,the ID number was Jikechengzhuanjianzi [2013] No.0-016.

Key words:Hulled oat;Processing varieties;Variety breeding



Study on Ecological Factors Affecting Production Performance of Chinese Indigenous Chicken Breeds and Evaluation of Introduction Results in Hebei Province

LU Chun-xiang1,LI Jie1,LI Xiang-long1*,WANG Mao-sen2

(1.Hebei Normal University of  Science and Technology,Qinhuangdao 066004,China;2. Comprehensive improvement of livestock Station of  Zhangjiakou,Zhangjiakou 075000,China)

Abstract:The regression equation of Chinese chicken breeds ecological factors on production performance was established using the production performances and ecological factors of 110 Chinese indigenous chicken breeds and the ecological factors of 136 Counties (Districts) in Hebei Province,in order to investigate the effect of ecological factors affecting performance of Chinese indigenous chicken breeds,and evaluate the effect of their introduction results in Hebei Province. The results indicated that the average altitude,the average annual sunshine hours and the average frost free period were the main ecological factors affecting the performance of local chicken production. The estimated average weight,live weight before slaughter,carcass weight,leg muscle rate,body length(cock),chest width,keel length(cock),pelvis width,shank length(hen) and egg weight of chicken breeds introduced into Hebei Province will higher than that of the average performance of Chinese indigenous chicken breeds,especially for the average weight,live weight before slaughter and slaughter rate.

Key words:Indigenous chicken breeds;Production performance;Ecological factors;Regression equation; Introduction results



Effects of Sowing Date on Medicinal Ingredients Content and Yield of Radix Isatidis

QIN Meng1,2,XIE Xiao-liang1,CUI Shi-zhan1,TIAN Wei1*,YIN Chun-mei2*

(1.Institute of Economic Crops,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Shijiazhuang 050051, China;2.College of Chinese Medicinal Materials,Jilin Agricultural University,Changchun 130118,China)

Abstract:Using randomized block experimental design,eight sowing times were designed including April 1,April 15,May 1, May 15, June 1, June 15, July 1, July 15,the harvest time of Radix Isatidis  was October 20.According to the requirements of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 Edition,the yield of Radix Isatidis  was measured after dried, then broken to determine the contents of nucleoside(guanosine, uridine, adenosine) and (R,S)-goitrin in Radix Isatidis  by HPLC,then the effects of sowing date on total nucleosides content,(R,S)-goitrin content and yield of Radix Isatidis were analyzed to determine the optimum sowing date of Radix Isatidis.The results showed that the total nucleosides content of plant sowed at May 15 reached the highest,which was 0.176 %,the (R,S)-goitrin content and yield which sowed at April 1 reached the highest,they were 0.368% and 0.336 kg/m2. Comprehensive comparison the dynamic changes of different sowing time in total nucleoside content,(R,S)-epigoitrin and yield of Radix Isatidis,the best sowing time was about April 1,the result provided the scientific basis for the optimum sowing date determination and standardized cultivation of Radix Isatidis.

Key words:Radix Isatidis;Sowing Date;Content of total nucleosides;Content of (R,S)- goitrin;Yield



The Characteristics and Functional Properties of Sourdough Fermentation

YIN Yan – li,WANG Jin – shui*,YANG Sen,JIA Feng,ZHANG Chang – fu

(College of Biological Engineering,He’nan University of Technology,Zhengzhou 450001,China)

Abstract:Sourdough fermentation can prolong the shelf life of foods,rapidly develop dough,delay the staling of flour foods and have good flavor and higher nutritional quality.Sourdough fermentation also improves sensory qualities including loaf volume,color,taste and texture of bread and mantou.The present paper reviews these above mentioned for application of sourdough in flour foods.

Key words:Sourdough;Fermentation;Functional properties



The Grey Relational Analysis on the Income Source Structure of farmers’  in Shanxi Province

LV Kai1,LI Yu-ping2*

(1.College of Graduate,Shanxi Agricultural University,Taigu 030801,China;2.College of Economics and Management,Shanxi Agricultural University,Taigu 030801,China)

Abstract:To explore the income source structure of farmers’ in Shanxi,the situation of  income of farmers in recent years was analyzed by using the structural analysis and grey relational analysis methods.The countermeasure suggestions were proposed to promote the income of farmers.

Key words:Shanxi Province;Inocom of farmers;Source structure;Grey relational;Suggestion



Thought of the Training of Applied Agricultural Pharmacy Professionals

HAO Zhi-hui

(College of Chemistry and Pharmacy,Qingdao Agricultural University,Qingdao 266061,China)

Abstract:Agricultural talents training is the inevitable demand of building a new socialist countryside,the training of professionals with applied talents of agricultural characteristics should be geared to the needs of local,industry, talent training specifications should be with the industry adaptability and training mode with patent skills should be established.The paper analyzed that curriculum system of agriculture applied talents training should emphasize technical ability or professional application ability,the breakthrough of practice teaching was curriculum integration and the education mode of school-enterprise cooperation was the only way which must be passed.

Key words:Pharmacy;Applied talents;Training mode;Agricultural

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