Microbial Insecticide Research Lab

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     Aims to develop effective, safe and environmental friendly bio-insecticides for controlling root insects, vegetable insects and other important insects through screening, fermentation technology, formulation, and application techniques for highly insecticidal strains of potentially useful microbes.


Infected Holotrichia oblita by Beauveria bassiana


Infected tobacco whitefly by Beauveria bassiana

15Infected diamond back moth by Beauveria bassiana

14Infected elm leaf beetle by Beauveria bassiana

  • Research Progress

    Several Beauveria bassiana strains with high toxicity to diamond back moth Plutella xylostella, tobacco whitefly Bemisia tabaci, scarabaeoidea Holotrichia oblita and elm leaf beetle Pyrrhalta aenescens has collected. An oil suspension formulation of B. bassiana had developed for controlling diamond back moth and tobacco whitefly of vegetable pest. Many Bacillus thuringiensis strains to control soil habit pests Bradysia odoriphaga, Holotrichia oblita and Anomala corpulenta had obtained.  Their cry gene from those Bt strains had cloned. Their fermentation technology, formulation, application techniques for target pest had developed.

11Oil suspension fromulation of Beauveria bassiana

11Healthy Bradysia odoriphaga larvae       Infected Bradysia odoriphaga larvae by Bt

  • Papers

    Lixin Du, Lili Qiu, Qi Peng, Jie Zhang Fuping Song Dafang Huang. Identification of the promoter in the intergenic region between orf1 and cry8Ea1 controlled by Sigma H factor. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2012, 78(6):4164-4168.

    Weiping Cao,Gang Wang,Wei Zheng, Rongyan Wang, Lixin Du,Jian Song,Jinyao Wang, Shuliang Feng. Comparison of toxicity of Beauveria bassiana and histopathological changes of Helicoverpa armigera ( Hubner ) ( Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae infected in different inoculation ways. Acta Entomologia Sinica, 2011, 54(4):409-415.

    Changmei Zhou, Qingyun Zheng, Qi Peng, Lixin Du, Changlong Shu, Jie Zhang, Fuping Song*. 2014. Screening of cry-type promoters with strong activity and application in Cry protein encapsulation in a sigK mutant. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 98: 7901-7909. 

  • Team Leader

    Feng Shuliang, E-mail:fshliang@163.com

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