Vice-president Wang Haibo accompanied academician Li Yu to inspect Shijiazhuang comprehensive experiment station of national edible fungi industrial system

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From January 7 to 8, 2019, four experts headed by academician Li Yu, representing the national edible fungi industrial technology system, came to the Institute of Genetics and Physiology, accompanied by Vice-president Wang Haibo, to conduct on-site inspection on Shijiazhuang Comprehensive experiment Station of the National Edible Fungi Industrial System.


Academician Li Yu and his delegation visited Jinhai Edible Fungi Cultivation Cooperative, one of the edible fungi demonstration bases, in Lingshou County, listened to the work report of recent years presented by the experiment station, and had discussions with the leaders and team members of the institute.


Li Yu fully recognized the key technological innovation integration and demonstration of golden mushroom efficient production carried out by the experiment station, and gave specific suggestions on the development of the station. This inspection indicated the directions for the station to better achieve the task goal of the national edible fungi industrial system.

Dr. Wang Haibo and academician Li Yu also had an in-depth discussion on the development of edible fungi industry as well as the integration of agriculture and medicine.



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