Professors from Japan Shinshu University had academic exchange to HAAFS

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In order to enhance the deep cooperation between HAAFS and foreign universities and research organizations, as an essential activity that celebrate the 60th anniversary of HAAFS, at the invitation of President ZHANG Tielong, Prof. Fujita Tomoyuki and Prof. Banno Kiyoshi from Agronomy college paid an academic visit to HAAFS from September 15-19.


During the visit, President ZHANG Tielong and Vice-president WANG Haibo met the two foreign experts and introduced the science and technology innovation condition, both sides had deep discussion on how to enhance the technical cooperation and talent cultivation cooperation, and finally reached a cooperative intention.


On September 17th a.m., two professors gave reports to HAAFS technical staffs respectively theme at “Utilize high pressure treatment to fruit and cereal products processing” and “Utilize DNA markers to do effective breeding on fruit trees”.


Two foreign professors had visited technical innovation base of Changli Fruit Trees Institution and had fully knowledge on grape, chestnut and apple’s cultivation mode, and also gave reports respectively to the institution.



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