High yield of black wheat ‘Jizi 439’ spring sowing in Zhang Jiakou Ba Shang District

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In early August 2018, Researcher Li Xingpu and Lan Suque paid an observation in Zhang Jiakou Cith Xuanhua District and Yangyuan County on semi-winterness black wheat spring sowing cultivation. Black wheat ‘Jizi 439’ and ‘Heichun 3’ are growing well. For instance, ‘Jizi 439’ planted in Kangbao County has been sowed on May 1st, the sowing quantity is 7.5kg per mu, irrigation once through the whole period of duration. Large panicles with many spikelets, grow well, good uniformity, the plant height is 60cm, the spike number is 206 thousands per mu, grain amount per spike is 45.6, the theoretical yield is 292kg, which is 46% more than general wheat variety ‘Zhangchun 5’ and got attention by local farmers.


Through the test planting, ‘Jizi 439’ and ‘Heichu 3’ are recognized as suitable spring wheat planting in Zhang Jiakou. In 2019 Hebei spring wheat area test planting, the planting range of ‘Jizi439’ will be confirmed.



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