Director of Plant Protection Institute Ping Ma attended the first International Congress of Biological Control

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Ma Ping, director of the institute of Plant Protection, with other 12 experts attended the first International Congress of Biological Control, held in Beijing on May 14-16 2018. Over 1000 experts in the field of biological control, coming from more than 40 countries, attended the congress. During the congress, Doctor Ma presented an academic report titled “Development and application of bacterial fungicide”, which introduced the research and development of bio-control bacteria and the application of independently-developed bio-fungicide in the field, at the same time, prospects for the application of bio-control microorganisms are forecast.


This congress co-hosted by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science(CAAS), the international Organization for Biological Control (IOBC) and the China Society of Plant Protection. The delegates of plant protection institute had a good harvest, especially with regard to the research and development status, products and technology applications on insect natural enemies, biological pesticides, agricultural antibiotics, microbial metabolites, and pest-resistant genetic transformation.



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