‘Golden lotus’—New Apricot Variety has been approved by State Forestry Bureau

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On 22 May 2018, experts from State Forestry Bureau took site substantive review on ‘Golden lotus’, the new protective apricot new variety applied by Shijiazhuang Fruit Trees Institute, through the introduction and site observation, experts gave highly speak of ‘Golden lotus’ on its specificity and stability.


‘Golden lotus’ is the new extremely early maturing apricot variety, selected by Shijiazhuang Fruit Trees Institute.  The fruit ripens in mid-late May, the incubation period is 55 days, big size of fruit, the average weight of fruit is 65g, the biggest fruit weight is 100g, yellow and clean fruit coat, orange flesh, juicy, delicious with slight sweetness and sour, the content of soluble solid is 13.4%, high edible rate, disease is light.



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