Experts from HAAFS held training session of Green Safety Modern Agriculture in Xiongan New Area

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According to the specific tasks arrangement of Hebei Technical Activity Scheme, 30 experts from HAAFS held a training session of Green Safety Modern Agriculture in Xiongan New Area on 19 May 2018.


The experts were divided into 5 groups focusing on consultation, vegetables, rice, fruit trees and agricultural machinery direction. Totally more than 200 farmers have consulted to HAAFS experts, 300 problems and questions of vegetable and field cultivation have been answered and solved. In addition, 4 tons of fertilizer of corn, vegetable and fruit trees have been given to local farmers, 2000 materials of new achievements and new techniques have been issued. 15 experts have gone to the countryside to give guidance, including Mr. Geng Baojin of vegetables, Mr. Gao Junquan and Mr. Zhang Qixing of rice research, Mr. Yang Lei of strawberry, Mr. Fan Guochang of agricultural machinery. They had technical guidance with farmers face to face, and got the nod of local agricultural administration and farmers.


The training session is aiming to spread technical spirit, popularize scientific knowledge and promote scientific mind. Several techniques such as high risk agriculture non-point source pollution management and control, crops water and fertilizer management, fruit trees biological control, rice and fruit tree effectively cultivation, bio-fertilizer and microbial fermentation, as well as new cultivars. Through this training, it promotes to improve the agricultural technical thought, let farmers realize the importance and meaning of scientific development, and let the agricultural knowledge well known by farmers.



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