Institute of Genetics and Physiology participates in 2018 Hebei Working Conference on Soil, Fertilizer and Water Management

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April 20, 2018, on the invitation of the organizer, Hudong, associate professor of Institute of Genetics and physiology, participated in 2018 Hebei working conference on soil, fertilizer and water management in Shijiazhuang. On the meeting, Shijiazhuang Jintaiyang Bio-fertilizer Group Co. Ltd, as the demonstration base of the institute, introduced the new pattern of animal waste management and utilization. This pattern is developed by the microbiological engineering research team of the institute, and it involves in the whole industrial chain from animal waste treatment to organic bio-fertilizer high-efficient production to high-quality agricultural products production and marketing to consumer’s table, to safeguard the food security. The new production and operation pattern closely combined animal farming with crop planting and effectively solved the long-standing difficulty of organic fertilizer marketing, which were highly accepted and praised by the leaders from the ministry of agriculture, provincial department of agriculture and experts who were extending the conference. In the afternoon of the same day, all participants visited the operation center of Jintaiyang Group Co. Ltd and reached the consensus that it was very worthwhile to extend the new pattern in the province and the whole country.


The new pattern of animal farming waste utilization is one of the replicable circulation mode established by the microbiological engineering research team of the institute of genetics and physiology in recent years.



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