Dr. Chai Jianfang of Institute of Genetics and Physiology made oral report on the 13th International Glutenin Workshop

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At the invitation of the 13th International Gluten Workshop Organizing Committee and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Dr. Chai Jianfang attended the 13th International Gluten Workshop and participated the 2018 CIMMYT Wheat Annual Meeting held in Mexico on March 13-25, 2018. A total of 51 scholars from all over the world made gave presentations during the meeting. Dr. Chai Jianfang made a conference report entitled "Molecular Improvement on the Processing Quality of Wheat 1B/1R Translocation Lines", and systematically introduced the cloning of ω-secalin gene family members in a wheat 1B/1R translocation line, development of a co-dominant PCR markers for detecting homozygous and hetrozygous translocations, identification of ω-secalin gene family members with expression activity, and effects of silencing ω-secalin gene expression on processing qualities by RNAi.



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