New wheat cultivar Jinhe 13294 and Jinhe 12339 get approval of Hebei province

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Jinhe 13294 and Jinhe12339 are two new wheat cultivars developed with fast breeding technology by Institute of Genetics and Physiology. They have recently got approval for extension from the Crop Variety Approval Committee of Hebei Province with the approval number Jishenmai20180013 and Jishenmai20180024.


Jinhe13294 is a cultivar with the characteristics of early maturity, short straw, high resistance to wheat stripe rust, medium resistance to wheat head scab, whole growth period 238 days and average yield 590.3kg/mu in 2016-2017 production test. This cultivar is suitable to plant in the winter wheat planting area of central and southern part of Hebei province with medium and high soil fertility and water supply.


Jinhe12339 is a medium mature and water-saving variety with semi-compact plant type. Its drought resistance index is 0.961 and water-saving index is 1.08. It is high resistant to stripe rust and powdery mildew and medium resistant to leaf rust, suitable to grow in the winter wheat planting area of Heilonggang River valley of Hebei Province.


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