HAAFS held meeting to promote sound implementation of modern agricultural S&T innovation projects

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To promote the implementation of the key work of 2018, on March 7-13, HAAFS held the report meeting of modern agricultural science and technology innovation projects. President Zhang Tielong and Vice-president Wang Haibo attended the 7 days meeting.


Wang Haibo firstly clarified the purpose of the meeting and encouraged the participants to emancipate minds, keep concern on the needs of reality and future development, strengthen project planning and improve project optimizing system, so as to upgrade the project management.


Zhang Tielong emphasized that this year’s modern agricultural S&T innovation projects should aim at the agriculture of technology, green, brand and quality, scientifically determine research directions, optimize research contents and reasonably formulate the performance indicators, striving for breakthroughs in the aspects of technological research, standards setting and brand creating to enhance the influence of the academy.


The heads of subject groups chaired the meeting. Consultations, comments, questions and answers were made about the 155 projects around 4 topics as Agricultural Product Quality and Farmland Eco-environment Safety Technology Innovation, Agricultural Products Value-added Processing Technology and Agricultural Business Innovation, Economic Crops Efficient Production Technology Innovation, and Cereal and Oil Crops Cost-saving Key Technology Innovation. Combined with the overall requirements of innovation projects, the experts panel discussed on the ways of improving science and technology output, developing industrial parks, promoting industrial competitiveness and increasing farmers’ income, focused on the key research points as resource innovation, variety breeding, integrated cultivation, pest and disease control, post harvest, processing, product development and demonstration and extension. The experts also provided suggestions from the aspects of technological research, standard setting, green production, quality improving and brand building. The meeting integrated some projects, optimized research contents and made the performance indicators better matching with the research directions, research contents and budgets.


President Zhang Tielong stressed in his summary that in the planning of 2019 yearly modern agricultural S&T innovation projects all the disciplinary clusters should enhance top-level design and system planning, concentrate research direction, research emphasis and research contents, making the projects with high starting points, high standards and high quality.


About 200 people participated in the meeting, including members of key projects leading group of the academy, leaders of the 4 disciplinary clusters, heads of the institutes who in charge of research, 34 assignment leaders and all the project reporters.


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