‘Jizi439’—the valuable black wheat against diabetes

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‘Jizi439’ is known as ‘the god of wheat’, Beijing Beiwei Pharmacy used ‘Jizi439’ as raw material to produce ‘Wujin wheat’, the marketable product among China. This kind of product is favored by diabetics.


‘Jizi439’ black wheat is rich in selenium, magnesium, trivalent organic chromium, soluble dietary fiber, anthocyanin, vitamins and other healthy contents. From the tracing investigation in 2016, the diabetics eat black wheat products, comparing with the people eat the same quantity of original white flour, 2 hours after the meal, the blood glucose level drop 6-8.68mmol/L. Peking Union Medical College Hospital has taken the 37-day experiment to 120 diabetics, the result showed that ‘Jizi439’ black wheat has the good function of controlling the blood glucose rising . The chairman ZHOU Xiuying from Beiwei Pharmacy considers that ‘Jizi439’ black wheat has the bright future and will be the major innovation on diabetes control application, and will be the major brand of the company.


At present, Beiwei Pharmacy has the cooperation with Institute of Oil Cereal, Guantao County Government, Guantao Yueqing black wheat farm and Beijing Qingyuetang Health Industry Group, to produce the series of black wheat products including black wheat tea, wine, biscuits, cereal and so on. There is a project under planing to regard Guantao County as a comprehensive tourism paradise intergrading planting, cultivation, leisure and pension. ‘Jizi439’ black wheat will be the major crop which can be promoted and developed the high-tech and become the new way for local farmers to receive wealth. Through the ‘Jizi439’ black wheat can improve the diets for diabetics, it will be the great health industry.


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