HAAFS’s Poverty alleviation Work Team Stationed in the Targeted Villages

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In order to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, we need to do more in implementing targeted poverty reduction and elimination measures. According to the arrangements of the provincial government and provincial poverty relief office, HAAFS’s poverty alleviation work team led by Mr. Xue Zhizhong, Vice-director of Coastal Agriculture Institute, and Mr. Li Kejiang, Vice-director of Dryland Farming Institute, began to station in Shangnanyao village and Chaoyang village from March 9 of 2018. Two stationed villages are located in Qingsanying township of Chongli district of Zhangjiakou city, northwest of Hebei province.


After entering the villages, the work team started their job. They contacted the relating local departments and made conversations about the situations facing by poverty alleviation and initiated the work plan and objectives; organized and held the villagers assembly. During the meeting, the team leaders Xue zhizhong and Li Kejiang introduced to the villagers about the overall work plan and explained the details, while the representatives of the villagers and the CPC party members gave their own thoughts and opinions.


All the team members expressed their willingness to keep their responsibilities in mind and work hard together with the local people to win the battle of poverty reduction.


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