The conference on “Innovation and Quality” was held

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To continuously improve the consciousness and ability of innovation of the scientists, in conjunction with commemorating the 60th anniversary of the academy and celebrating the International Women’s Day, the Labor Union and Women’s Commission of HAAFS organized the keynote speech conference on “Innovation and Quality” in the morning of March 6, 2018 in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei. Professor Cheng Ruhong from the Institute of Millet and Associate Professor Zhang Tao from the Institute of Plant Protection were invited as keynote speakers. Vice-president Wang Haibo attended and addressed the meeting. On the main venue, around 120 people participated in the meeting, including researchers, management staff and the women staff working in Shijiazhuang. The institutes outside of Shijiazhuang city participated in the meeting through video.


Wang Haibo pointed out in his address that the agriculture development in the new era requires fast innovation to continuously upgrade the quality of development. He emphasized that as scientists we should respect the laws of nature, grasp the objective conditions and overcome the anxiety for quick success; We should be more diligent and brave to take on our responsibilities and devote ourselves into innovative research. The scientists who made outstanding contributions to the development of the academy were highly appraised in the speech as well. Then, Cheng Ruhong and Zhang Tao gave presentations on experiences of scientific innovation and management and how to write and publish SCI thesis, respectively.


In the afternoon, the participants visited to the new look of Tayuanzhuang village and ancient city Zhengding around 20km away from Shijiazhuang.


All participants enjoyed the whole day activities and benefited.


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