Institute of Cotton published essay on BMC Genomics

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On 2rd of January,2018, cotton research team led by Dr.GENG Junyi and Dr.GUO Baosheng published an essay named “Physical mapping and candidate gene prediction of fertility restorer gene of cytoplasmic male sterility in cotton” on <BMC Genomics>.


Cytoplasmic Male Sterility, CMS, is the essential form of male sterility. It is caused by the interplay of cytoplasm and nucleus. At present, three-line cross breeding is adopted in cotton seed production, this method is using the collaborative improvement of male sterile line, maintainer line and restorer line to screen the target new cotton variety.


The research team used the female plant 3096A and male plant 866R of restorer line to make F2, and used high-throughput sequencing platform to find the molecular marker and 20 candidate genes related to restorer gene, and provide essential information for deep research of cotton CMS restorer gene. Taking use of super-BSA to identify relevance marker also provide reference for speeding development of cotton and other crops.


The essay link is https://bmcgenomics.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12864-017-4406-y

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